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Connect With Fairies, Angels and Nature Devas to Heal Yourself and Our Earth

Garden Notes From The Nature Devas

Learn to receive messages directly from the Nature Devas to heal our Earth

Keep your soil healthy and produce more vibrant foods and flowers.

Your devic partner helps by creating a simplified schedule for your personal gardening needs

Plant maintenance, soil building tips and pest control alternatives are included.

Wherever You Live

Learn to heal the Earth by planting specific plants in locations which energize the foods and flowers you grow, and at the same time create energy vortexes keeping our earth healthy. By working with the Nature Devas you co-creatively maximize each plants ability to heal you and the Earth.

Author's Notes

Garden Notes From the Nature Devas was written to help heal our Earth, by sharing information I received from the Nature Devas, Landscape Angels, Earth Spirits and Nature Spirits. By incorporating these techniques into your gardening practice, a vibration of love and healing is sent into the earth through each plant. Proceeds from this book go towards the creation of a Nature Sanctuary.

The chapters each have spaces to make notes as you practice the techniques. The final chapters teach you to use color harmonies to help balance and ground energies around your home and garden to help heal our Earth.

ISBN 0-9640243-0-6 Illustrated, 94 Pages $12.95 USD
Artwork and Text Copyright © 1994 Botanic Reproductions

Queen D's Fairy Recipes


Recipes Include: Herbal Teas to nourish your spiritual being.

Perfume Formulas to keep you light and enchanting

Bath combinations, Soups, Incense Blends, Angel Oils and

Fairy Legends to help you learn the wisdom of the Fairy Kingdom.

A Resource Directory is also provided.

Magical Combinations

Herb teas with subtle, yet very effective vibrational balancing effects. Angels Oils and Fairy Perfumes using essential oil blends to enhance your personal magnetism. Bath recipes skillfully combine color and the
art of aromatherapy. All these formulas shared by a Fairy Queen to enlighten and empower you.



Author's Notes

Queen D is a Fairy Queen and a very close friend of mine. I met her during a meditation in which I was requesting a fairy to be my friend. I learned her name as Queen D, Queen of the Diamond Fairies. Our friendship has blossomed over several years, and together we have been teaching classes on working with the Nature Devas. She and I hope you will have as much fun trying these recipes as we had in the writing of this book. Many fairies and beings of light have contributed their recipes for your delight. The growing, gathering and mixing of the flower, herbs and roots are all part of the fun.....Enjoy! All of the recipes are shared with our love for the Earth and all her beings, you included. If you are a tea drinker or person who enjoys the fresh scents of spring and summer, this book is a must. These formulas are easy to make, and knowing you are personally guided by a Fairy Queen makes them pure fun to blend. Queen D is skilled in the arts of natural beauty and healing with herbs and flowers her recipes will delight and enlighten your being.

ISBN 0-9640243-1-4, Illustrated 92 pages, $13.25 USD
Artwork and Text Copyright © 1994 Botanic Reproductions

About the Author

Cindy McGonagle graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and studied horticulture at City College of San Francisco. For 25 years she has been designing and building habitat exhibits for zoos, museums and botanic gardens throughout the United States. She is currently teaching workshops on communicating and gardening with the Nature Devas.

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Author, Cindy McGonagle

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