The Power Within:

A Psychic Healing Primer


The Power Within
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By Dr. Rita Louise

Discover the Power of Your Psychic Abilities
The Power Within is the premier "how to" guide for developing your psychic abilities and exploring your healing potential. Going straight to the heart of this mysterious phenomenon, The Power Within will show you step-by-step how to develop you inherent psychic abilities as you learn straightforward vibrational healing techniques. Regardless of your level of experience and knowledge, you will attain immediate results and achieve first hand psychic reading and healing experiences easily right from the start.

The inspiring meditations and clear-cut exercises will allow you to open the doorway to your inner self. The level of spiritual and mystical experiences achieved when employing The Power Within's proven system are normally only attained after many years of continuous and intense study. Let Dr. Louise to guide you down the path of increased awareness as you explore the world of psychic phenomena first hand

The Power Within will help you to experience psychic phenomena right from the start. Through the use of healing tools and techniques, it will help you to create and validate all of your psychic experiences. In addition to teaching you how to perform psychic readings, it will teach you how to perform psychic healing in a format that far exceeds those taught by Reiki and Therapeutic Touch practitioners.

The Power Within is a great book for those that have little or no experience in working with their psychic psychic abilities or on vibrational healing levels. It is also a must have handbook for those looking to further their own experiences and knowledge, particularly those working in the healing arts.





The information provided in your book gave me the confidence and insights I needed, hich finally "pushed me over the edge"… I did my first psychic reading today!
Ruth Marion - Marysville, WA

Rita Louise, represents the leading edge of health and healing. Her expertise and inspiration energizes people to take action.
Jim Baker - Dallas, TX

I now have the ability to look inside myself for help and not sit around asking "Why Me". Frank Mounts - Santa Monica, CA

"The Power Within" provided me with the tools to work with pure healing energy. It is a unique and very exciting approach to health.
Wendy - Dallas, TX

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Try one of the exercises from
The Power Within

To do this and all the exercises in this book, it is best to sit in a straight backed chair, with your feet flat on the floor and your hands resting on your thighs with your palms up.

Creating a Grounding Cord

  • To begin this meditation, close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  • Take a moment to notice what's happening around you.
  • Where are you in the room?
  • What's with you in the room?
  • Take a moment to orient yourself to your surroundings.
  • Listen to your heart beat.
  • Say hello to your body.
  • Breathe in again, and allow you, as spirit, to rest back into your body.
  • A good way to start any meditation is by calling your own energy back into your body. -So let's start by calling back your energy.
  • You can do this by visualizing a soap bubble or a big water balloon over your head.
  • Have it appear as a ball of golden white light.
  • As you call back your energy, this ball of golden white light is going to get bigger and bigger as it fills up with more and more your energy.
  • Where did you leave it today?
  • Is it still in your car?
  • Or do you have it at home? Who has something for you to do?
  • Or in a project at work? We often leave some of our life force energy in our jobs.
  • Maybe you went to the grocery store or the bank?
  • Think about where you left your energy and summon it back to you.
  • Give yourself permission to not know where you left some of your energy and summon that back as well.
  • Do this by drawing it in like a magnet. Allow little rivulets of your energy to drift into that water balloon or flow into it and fill it up.
  • Go ahead and watch. -Notice how big that ball of energy gets.
  • Look at how much energy you left out there.
  • Think about how good it is going to feel when you get to have it back.
  • When the ball of golden white light is nice and big and you are ready to fill yourself up, go ahead and poke a hole in it.
  • Let your energy cascade over you. -You might find it flowing into you like water, like that water balloon just popped or that magnet just released.
  • Allow all that energy to fill up every cell of your body. -Let that energy flow through the seventh chakra and swirl around inside your head.
  • You might feel it tingling or tickling a bit or you might feel a warm sensation.
  • Let that energy flow through you.
  • Let it come into your neck and shoulders.
  • Let it fill you up, bring that energy into your torso and arms.
  • Let it flow down into your ankles and feet.
  • Make sure it fills up around your back. -Take a deep breath.
  • You're doing a good job. You're giving your own energy back to yourself. That's where it belongs.
  • Take one more deep breath.
  • Now that you've brought in your own energy, it's time to create a grounding cord.
  • A grounding cord is a line of energy that runs from the first chakra down to the center of the planet.
  • What do want in a good grounding cord?
  • It must be solid, and it has to conduct foreign and excess energy out of your body and aura.
  • It must be free of any resistance so you can easily and effortlessly release energy through it.
  • It must also stay free of other people's energy and those who may want to ground through you.
  • The first Chakra is located at the base of the spine. Put your energy and attention there. You may find this chakra tingling, vibrating or feeling warmer as you put your attention there.
  • In your mind's eye, visualize the center of planet.
  • The center of the planet can look any way you want. It can appear as a hollow ball or a solid sphere. It can be made of molten rock or like the insides of a baseball. It can even appear as a ball of light.
  • Whatever you want the center of the planet to look like, have that appear in your mind's eye now.
  • Create a line of energy that goes from the first chakra down to the center of the planet.
  • Let this line of energy appear as a Redwood tree.
  • Allow this Redwood tree to form easily and effortlessly.
  • When it reaches the center of the planet, allow your Redwood tree to form roots, hooking you firmly into the planet.
  • Imagine your body releasing energy down your grounding cord, your Redwood tree, all the way down to the center of the planet.
  • Notice how this feels to your body.
  • Did you notice any shifts in your energy?
  • Do you feel more relaxed with your grounding cord in place?
  • Do you feel more centered, clearer, or more at ease?
  • Continue to release energy down your grounding cord for one to two minutes.
  • Now let's take a moment and call back some more of your energy.
  • Envision a new sphere of golden white light above your head and once again draw your energy back.
  • Watch as the sphere gets bigger and bigger over your head.
  • When you feel that your sphere of golden white light is full, reach up over your head and take hold of the sphere, bringing it down and around your body.
  • Notice how good it feels to bring this warm, revitalizing and healing energy down and around your body.
  • You may feel a tingling on your skin or the warmth of sitting in the amber glow of your own energy.
  • Take a deep breath and breath in some of this golden white light.
  • Allow it to radiate through your body, filling you with this wonderful healing energy, your energy.
  • Allow some of this energy to go down your grounding cord.
  • Notice how good it feels to be filled with your own energy again.
  • When your body feels full, vital and refreshed, bend over and stretch out your body, opening your eyes when you feel comfortable.

I hope you enjoyed this preview of
The Power Within


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