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Are you ready for YOUR Sacred Transformation?
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tep into your Authentic Self
Clear the old stories in your heart, body, mind and soul?
 Light Alchemy & Sacred Language




Sacred Drum Creation Workshop

Solar Flares getting you down?

solar flare

Are you feeling challenge by Solar Flares?
Are you experiencing headaches from
an unknown sources?

Does your energy dip and they rise?
Having a hard time sleeping at night?
Body feel achy and just plain worn out?
Cravings? Huge  appetite or no appetite?

Try this fabulous new flower essence blend at a discount

Relinquish & Receive your Radiance

New Moon Manifesting
Discover how to use the phases of the moon to
bring you your hearts desires 

Tap into the Moon's energy and power to create
the life of your dreams! Till the soil of your
manifesting garden each month, write your New
Moon Checks with the tips  and resources included
in this eBook to ensure your success!

Discover a way to easily manifest by working with the cycles of the moon!

Inspiring Music with Brainwave Entrainment

Ghost Buster Spray  NEW!  Ghost Buster Spray
Clear negative energies from your space!

Dakara Art
Fun, the perfect gift! Made on Domino's - Numerology info for each piece included!

10 Tips to a Healthier and more Fulfilling life!
1. Choose to Be Peace - when feeling stressed, stop and breath.
2. Drink water, you know how much your body needs each day to feel good and energized!
3. Make healthy food choices. Treat yourself on occasion.
4. Take time for self care each day.
5. Meditate daily - even for a few minutes
6. Release and let go of the past. It no longer serves you.
7. Breathe in blessings and exhale Gratitude. For yourself and others.
8. Forgive - yourself and others.
9. Write out or think about the things you are Grateful for each day.
10. Be congruent in your words and actions.

Bonus: 11. Ask for Divine Forgiveness - see Prayer for insight

Flu and Common Sense

 Did You Know...
By being true to yourself, nothing outside of you can have an effect on you, unless you allow it!

CERTIFICATIONS & Certificates of Completion

Spiritual Energy Healer
Spiritual Energy Healer ~ Coaching and Consulting
Providing enhancement tools and techniques to enrich your life.
Be set FREE by Remembering your Wholeness and Divine Beingness.
Facilitation of releasing negativity from your life through energy healing.
Solutions for a new beginning!

Intentional Energy Art
Intentional Energy Art to gift or keep.
Energized with intentional energy to support your goals, wishes and desires.

Each piece signed by the artist and hand embellished with glitter.
Each one is an original with the added touches.

Musings from Non-Physical
A collection of information shared from beyond the veil
Newest Post: Divine Forgiveness Prayer

Great Products and Resources

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Flower Essences
Dakara's Flower Essences

What are they? This page also leads to many wonderful Flower Essence
Products available from DaKara 

Chakra Balance Flower Essences
Balance & Align your Chakra's
Ground and Release, Divine Love & Awaken to Spirit

Planetary Earth Change Essences

High Vibrational Essence Blend for our
Changing Times on the Planet
It's challenging work taking 3rd Dimensional Bodies into the 5th Dimension
Planetary Earth Change Essence can HELP!
The Alchemical Balancer for the new Millennium

Pet Calm
Dakara's Calming Essence for Pets - Flower Essence Blend for your Pets

Personal Blends are also available for your Pets!


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