05:05:05 Meditation CD
Opening Doors to Transformation

Journey to your home planet, meet your Star family and receive star code
activations to transform your life.

During your visit home you will also recieve a new frequency on the planet, Frequency 53.
This new frequency assists us in aligning to the Unity and Oneness conciousness. Channelled
sound vibrations from the Pleiades is also recorded on the live portion of the CD

This meditation was given to me for the 05:05:05 event Opening Doors to Transformation.
This event took place in Bothell Washington on you guessed it May 5th 2005. This powerful
and transformational event was planned by the angels many eons ago to present an avenue to
assist with stepping into your new life. The Angels gave me this meditation in bits and piece over
the few days before the event. The energy of the day and the event is captured in the live portion
of this recording and another slightly edited version was recorded in a quiet environment.

During the live recording of this meditation, I ommited the numbers 4 & 2 erroniously.
I later realized with the guidance of the Angels that this was intentional. 5, 3 & 1 are all prime
numbers and of course 5 – 3 the frequency 53 coming into oneness.

At the end of the live recording is sound that I channel from the Pleiades. This sound is
transformational all in it self and is a gift from my star family to you.

I know this mediation will change your frequency, your energetic body and potentially your life
. I invite you to set an intention each time you listen to this recording and allow this meditation assist you.

Now prepare to go on a journey and transformation your life.

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