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Sacred Drum Creation Workshop

Date:  TBA
Noon to 5:00 pm


 Workshop Facilitators:
DaKara Kies & Medicine Woman Kam
Offering a magical opportunity to create your own drum. 

Through Ceremony and Intent we will take you on a
step by step journey to creating your own drum.

Imagine having a sacred tool, you created
to bless your life, your space and others!

We will create an altar and sacred space.  Please feel free
to bring an item for the altar if you wish.

Time:  Noon - 5:00 pm

Location: TBA
Everett, WA  
Address provided with registration.

SPACE is extremely limited for classes
Sign up now!

Need a payment plan?  Contact DaKara to make an arrangement.
dakara@dakara.com or call  425-267-9730

Reserve your spot by registering with your deposit.

You can mail a check or pay via PayPal. 
We can also send you a Square Up Invoice. Let us know
how we can help.

Please bring debit/credit card or cash for final payment.
CASH is preferred.  A small service fee will be added to
those using a debit or credit card for final payment.



Keywords for Elk: Strength, Stamina, Agility, Pace yourself, Perseverance, Relationships, Respect, Wisdom, Sensuality.

Keywords for Deer: Gentleness & Self Love,  Intuition, Be in the Flow, Change direction quickly, Connect to the Mysteries of life.

Keywords for Horse:  Power, Stamina, Endurance, Cooperation, Expansion.

Keywords for Moose:  Wisdom, Strength, Self Esteem, Balance, Courage, Magic, Self esteem and respect, Truth, connect to the cycle of life and death.

Keywords for Buffalo:  Abundance, Creativity, Honoring self and others,  Freedom, Protection, Loyalty, Connection to Great Spirit, Resourcefulness,  Giving for the greater good


Once your deposit is made, you will be sent a link with the location.
Please feel free to bring snacks to carry you through out the afternoon.

Workshop includes:

  • Guided meditation to set your intention for your new drum.

  • Drum making guidance and assistance with two drum makers. 

  •  Drum beater - if you have a special or sacred stick you would like to use,
    please bring it.  If not one is provided.

  •  Shamanic journey with your new drum to gain clarity and guidance.
    Images your drum would like painted upon it.

  • Instructions for drying your drum. As well as information on painting
  • your drum, if you choose to do so. 
  • Magic and fun with a great group of people!

We will create sacred space to honor the directions, our ancestors and guides.

If you wish, bring an item to be placed on the altar.

Bring Snacks to carry through your afternoon of fun!

SPACE is extremely limited 
Sign up now!   Send DaKara an email
if you are interested in future events.
 dakara @ dakara.com

*If mailing a check, please contact Dakara to make sure we still have space.


Please RSVP to DaKara
directly if you are not comfortable using Paypal.

Email: dakara@dakara.com or 425-267-9730
Final day to register  October 15, 2019


Plan to come with an open heart, ready for a wonderful and magical experience.
Dress in what ever makes you feel sacred and connected to Source.

SHARES from Workshop Attendees:

"Dakara and (Shaman) Kam hold a fantastic Creative Drum Making Class! I have been
to 2 of them myself. The atmosphere is warm and inviting; the class itself is full of
camaraderie, laughter and love. They have a step by step process that makes it easy for beginners. I enjoyed making my own drum because it has ME in it and ready made drums
are even more expensive. Who wouldn't want a drum that they created with their own
hands and effort? I now appreciate what the drum represents. He/she (drum) holds all
of my wishes, hopes and dreams; and helps me to connect with myself, the earth and
my ancestors before me. I don't just beat on my drum to meditate; I beat when I am happy, sad, angry, etc. Dakara and Kam also help take you on a journey which can show you your intentions for you drum, and your drums intentions/purpose for you.
I cannot express my gratitude to them for  introducing me to drum making. I am absolutely hooked and can't  wait to make more!"

Sandra H - Bothell, WA

Recently I attended one of DaKara & Kam’s drum making workshops  My brother-in-law was in the final stage of cancer and I wanted to make a medicine drum for him. I was thrilled to see we would be making a drum in true Native fashion and was just as pleased with the result of my efforts.  DaKara and Kam are very capable instructors  and genuinely nice people.

When the drum was complete, I asked it if it could aid in banishing Scott’s natural
fear of death.  It agreed and I understood its name to be Winged Heart and its desire
to be painted as a moonless night sky with blue hands to represent Scott and how
he felt.  So, Wing was painted black with many points of starlight and the blue
hands were imprinted by Scott himself.

During the last two weeks of Scott’s life he drummed with Wing many times
to soothe is mind and keep the fears at bay.  Now my sister and I will be
attending one of their workshops to make drums for ourselves.

Jewlee, Puyallup, Wa

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