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Musings From Non-Physical

A collection of information shared from beyond the veil

Greetings.... In channeling some information from my guides, I was given information to share.
This is about shifting our being-ness, our consciousness through Divine Forgiveness. There are also another tidbit shared below that will assist some of you.

Divine Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the key, we have heard this for much time. Divine Forgiveness is that which will truly set us free. The past, the worries, the pain, frustration, anger, regret, grief etc can be released through Divine Forgiveness releases on a soul level, a cleansing of our blueprints. In the asking of non physical to assist us in forgiveness, Divine Forgiveness, we open the chasms of time and space for multiple layers and levels of our beings to be freed. When we ask for Divine Forgiveness from our hearts and for our hearts, magic happens.

Our heart space is our true connection to Source energy. When the old pains etc reside there it creates filters in which we ‘feel’ and observe our lives. Once the filters are released we create a space for expanded love energy. A shift in the way we observe ourselves and the world around us.

Divine Forgiveness is not forgiveness on a personal level – meaning you stating – I forgive you Billy for pulling my pony tail.

Divine Forgiveness is an expanded energy that has the capacity to clear soul records, the soul blueprints, all time, space, dimensions.

Here is a prayer given to be repeated each day or as often as your heart guides you:

Divine Forgiveness clearing prayer: Speak this out loud

I ___________________ (your name) ask for Divine Forgiveness in all areas of my life, all time, space, dimensions, all levels all lifetimes and everything in between.

I ask for the Universal energy of Love to imbue every level of my being, all cells, sub atomic particles to cleanse and balance my DNA and every aspect of my being.

I ask for Truth, Light and Wisdom to create a new vibrational channel within me that supports my Well Being and the Well Being of the planet.

So be it! And so it is!

As we incorporate Divine Forgiveness into our everyday lives, our energy, the energies of
those around us and the energies of mother earth and the grids start shifting.

Use this prayer daily and watch the magic happen in your life!

Om te OM we love you very much!
© Dakara Kies

We want to share a piece of wisdom. Your light will continue to expand and will illuminate the grid lines around mother earth. She is in need of much assistance - many on the planet will and are supporting this shift.
There will be times of discomfort in the body due to the frequency and amount of light energy flowing through you. We want you to know this now, not to anticipate discomfort, but to acknowledge it at the time and allow it. As this will pass and lessen each time this energy and light flows through you.

You may share this information with others in its entirety.
Copyrighted © 2007



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please consult a health practitioner

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