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Solar Flare Relief
Flower & Gem Elixir

Are you ready to feel better by releasing the energetic effects of the Solar Flares?  Body, Mind and Emotions?

 I am hearing how much better the over all well being of the body and mind is feeling when using this blend.

Are you feeling challenge by Solar Flares?
Are you experiencing headaches from
an unknown source?

Does your energy dip and they rise?
Having a hard time sleeping at night?
Body feel achy and just plain worn out?
Cravings? Huge  
appetite or no appetite?

These and so much more are how many
of us light workers are feeling or experiencing
on the planet.  We continue to be bombarded
with Solar Flare Energies.

Simply ask your body... is this feeling or experience
coming from the solar flare energy?

YES?  try this blend at a discounted price

Solar Flare

1 fl. oz. (30 ml)  Dosage (ready to use)
Only $19.95 for a limited time.
Order here http://dakaraessences.com/solar-flare-relief/

Not available for Shipments outside the USA

My Guides suggested a few months ago that
I create this blend.  I didn't take the time to sit
down and ask for the formula.  Since it takes a
chunk of time to create the blend, write up
material, create or add to a website.  BUT...  my
BODY has been reminding me to get it done!  
 From the moment I took the first drops, I felt
this chaotic and heavy energy lift! Whahoo!


Ghost Buster Spray  NEW!  Ghost Buster Spray
Clear negative energies from your space!

Dakara's Flower Essences

What are they? This page also leads to many wonderful Flower Essence Products
available from DaKara
Flower Essences what are they? || Personal Consultation || Flower Essence Order form

Chakra Balance Flower Essences
Balance & Align your Chakra's
Ground and Release, Divine Love & Awaken to Spirit

Planetary Earth Change Essences

High Vibrational Essence Blend for our
Changing Times on the Planet
It's challenging work taking 3rd Dimensional Bodies into the 5th Dimension
Planetary Earth Change Essence can HELP!
The Alchemical Balancer for the new Millennium

To order the Planetary Earth Change Essence



HPT healing
Are You ready for YOUR Sacred Transformation?

Light Alchemy & Sacred Language
Can shift life long challenges instantly!

Are you ready to change your life?

Dakara Art

Please visit DakaraArt.com
for all the events where my jewlery
line will be available for purchase.

Fun new, different, great gifts!
Say NO to the Malls!


Dakara is available for Lectures and Speaking
at your events! Contact me at dakara@dakara.com
or by phone 425-267-9730

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please consult a health practitioner

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